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Business Process Analysis

At Resourznet, we understand that in today’s fast-changing business environment you cannot afford to get stuck doing things the way they’ve always been done. Today, technology allows an organization to communicate more efficiently and more effectively than ever before. This means key processes can – and often should – be located not where the results are consumed but where the cost and quality advantages maximize productivity. Years of strategic investment in specialized IT infrastructure allows PCG to swiftly align its business processes with those of its enterprise partners to provide open and transparent service models for business processes. These proven, location-independent processes cut transaction costs and reduce overhead in areas as diverse as human resources and financial accounting. Resourznet’s team of business consultants has the focus, vision and expertise to bring change to your organization.

Quality Assurance

Resourznet delivers a suite of quality assurance (QA) consulting services with a focus on Agile testing. When it comes to QA software testing India, IDS Logic has been a trusted choice of many businesses from around the world. With our expert QA consulting services, we are able to help businesses to improve process maturity and enjoy greater business benefits.

This is not all! We have also selected and trained the best minds in the industry. Our expert QA consultants possess the right mix of effective skills, accurate knowledge and strong industry experience.

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Architecture Assessment

The moment problems appear in the architecture, marks the moment your capability is being compromised. We help you:

Start with the end in mind

Senior architects apply our exclusive assessment tool to determine a complete picture of your architecture’s maturity and to devise essential steps to move forward. Briefly, we assess…

Technology Assessment

From evaluating the IT organization structure to key initiatives, Resourznet can analyze all critical aspects of your IT function and deliver recommendations for improvement. Our consulting service in this practice area that is in the highest demand is assessment of active projects and initiatives that are not meeting management’s expectations regarding cost, schedule or results. Our experienced consultants conduct an in-depth review of all critical elements and make needed recommendations related to the objectives, plan, processes, project management approach, staffing, etc. Often, the remediation plan is extensive and is always specific. Occasionally, our recommendation is to terminate the project to when it can’t be completed within a reasonable time or cost or will deliver results that won’t meet the business objectives.

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Staff Augmentation

Resourznet’s Staffing Services practice group offers our clients flexible alternatives in response to their ever changing resource needs. At Resourznet we value our clients and they have come to expect the success that we consistently deliver.

Placing a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, Resourznet’s experienced staffing professionals take the time to make sure that we understand our clients’ needs and goals in order to offer the most effective sourcing solutions. Driven by the belief that businesses are only as good as the people they employ, Resourznet will work with you to fill the opportunities with high quality, skilled professionals.

Code Reviews

When it comes to software quality, the buck stops with source code: every logical error, omission, and false assumption present in your code will manifest itself sooner or later in the form of strange behavior, system crashes, poor usability, and numerous other user turn-offs. Bad software affects every aspect of your customer relations, including whether or not to do business with you, their perception of your brand, and what they tell friends and colleagues about your company.

We perform static code analysis on software systems of all shapes and sizes, including web sites, back end software, desktop software, embedded and real-time applications. We inspect for proper software design, security, appropriateness of the languages and technologies employed, complexity and performance, incorrect code, incorrect logic, testability, conformance to best practices, and many other metrics. Aside from assessing quality, we can help you protect your organization’s trade secrets by securing your application and identifying patentable and copyrightable material.

Resourznet code reviews are executed by software industry veterans, experts in software engineering. We notice things that software development teams don’t notice. We detect problems that no automated bug detection software can detect. In short, there is no substitute for expertise.

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