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ResourzNet is a technology consulting company. All of ResourzNet team members are industry experts and technical contributors. Our team includes only the most talented, highest quality software architects, developers and subject matter experts, who keep on the forefront of technology and business innovations.

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Staff Augmentation

Resourznet's Staffing Services practice group offers our clients flexible alternatives in response to their ever changing resource needs.

Business Process Analysis

At Resourznet, we understand that in today's fast-changing business environment you cannot afford to get stuck doing things the way they've always been done.

Quality Assurance

Resourznet delivers a suite of quality assurance (QA) consulting services with a focus on Agile testing. When it comes to QA software testing India, IDS Logic has been a trusted choice of many businesses from around the world.

Architecture Assessment

Great architecture is invisible The moment problems appear in the architecture, marks the moment your capability is being compromised. We help you

Technology Assessment

From evaluating the IT organization structure to key initiatives, Resourznet can analyze all critical aspects of your IT function and deliver recommendations for improvement.

Code Reviews

Every logical error, omission, and false assumptions present in your code will manifest itself in the form of strange behavior, system crashes, poor usability, and numerous other user turn-offs

Workforce Management, Technology Counsulting


Software Systems Integration Solutions

Why is system integration so important? Using a scalable and extensible software solution, like RTP|ONE, helps you build a system that meets your business’ operational needs now, and into the future.

Custom Development Solutions

Building sites and solutions that combine superior user experiences with scalability, security, and reliability requires innovation.

Data Warehousing/Data Marts/Business Intelligence Solutions

Data Warehousing/Data Marts/Business Intelligence Solutions A data warehouse is a specialized type of data repository used to extract and store data from multiple systems in order to provide an organization with more robust reporting and analytic capabilities.

Enterprise Portal Solutions

A portal has been defined in different ways over time, but basically it is an on-line community of some kind. A portal typically provides some sort of information that can be personalized, may provide on-line collaboration capabilities, and frequently a portal will allow users to conduct online business transactions. Portals and EAI, B2Bi, data warehousing, custom development, and/or document management solutions are not mutually exclusive.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

EAI technologies provide a software integration infrastructure within an enterprise that allows the systems to “talk” to one another and allows new IT-based applications and business processes to be easily and efficiently deployed.

Business-to-Business Integration (B2Bi)

~ B2Bi is an offshoot of EAI that provides a platform that allows system-to-system integration between partners, vendors, and buyers (i.e. inter-company software system integration).

Enterprise (end-to-end) Software Application Development

This type of custom development entails writing custom code to develop a system from scratch, typically needed when there is not already a satisfactory commercial application available.


We offer a stimulating work environment that empowers our employees and provides ample opportunities for professional growth, creativity, and success.

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